Why Do Luxurious Vehicles Have Boring Names With Numbers and Letters?

By nature, luxurious automobiles usually have higher efficiency, extra premium options, and higher-quality designs in comparison with mainstream fashions. With this in thoughts, one would possibly assume that luxurious automobiles would have magnificent names to match their top-tier options and capabilities. Nonetheless, the other is normally true. Many luxurious automobiles have boring alphanumeric names with numbers and letters. To seek out out why, let’s take a more in-depth look. 

Luxurious automobiles with boring alphanumeric names

Front angle view of gray 2023 BMW X3, highlighting why luxury cars have boring names with numbers and letters
2023 BMW X3 | BMW

Once you look throughout the posh automotive panorama, you’ll discover a multitude of luxurious automobiles with boring and unremarkable alphanumeric names. BMW, some of the well-liked luxurious automakers, has a “quantity,” adopted by “Sequence,” for its sedans and coupes. Examples embody the three Sequence, 4 Sequence, and 5 Sequence. For its SUV lineup, BMW has an “X,” adopted by a quantity, such because the X1, X2, and X3. 

Many different luxurious automakers use an alphanumeric naming system for his or her fashions, together with Audi, Lexus, Infiniti, Volvo, and Genesis. Moreover, Mercedes-Benz, whereas it doesn’t use serial numbers, contains a “letter” naming system for its fashions. The Mercedes-Benz fashions have a letter or group of letters, together with the “Class” designation for numerous fashions, such because the C-Class, E-Class, and GLC. 

Additionally, there’s Tesla with the Mannequin 3, Mannequin S, Mannequin Y, and Mannequin X. Tesla will finally break free from the essential naming system with the Cybertruck. Nonetheless, with its many delays, we’re ready to see when the Cybertruck will lastly turn into accessible.

Alphanumeric automotive names translate higher to worldwide markets

Red 2022 Tesla Model 3 driving by mountains, highlighting why luxury cars have boring letter and number names
2022 Tesla Mannequin 3 | Tesla

Many luxurious automotive manufacturers have an in depth international presence, with automobiles bought in lots of international locations. With the completely different languages which can be spoken world wide, it is sensible to have an easier identify that interprets effectively to worldwide markets. 

Whereas an elaborate automobile identify would possibly sound good within the automaker’s dwelling nation, it could possibly be complicated to clients in a rustic the place many of the inhabitants speaks a unique language. With this in thoughts, it’s finest to maintain the names easy to make sure international success.

Identify and quantity system is a code for increased standing and luxurious

The alphanumeric naming system for some luxurious automobiles can also be a code for a better standing and stage of luxurious. For instance, because the numbers improve within the BMW mannequin lineup, the automobiles get extra luxurious and costly. Additionally, the “Class” naming system for Mercedes-Benz fashions helps luxurious automotive consumers determine the varied automobile classifications.

Alphanumeric names make it simpler to market luxurious automobiles

Front angle view of silver 2023 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, highlighting why luxury cars have boring alphanumeric names
2023 Mercedes-Benz C-Class | Mercedes-Benz

Another excuse for the boring alphanumeric names is it makes it simpler to market luxurious automobiles whereas including a component of predictability. For instance, BMWs are complicated automobiles, and it could be troublesome for patrons to grasp the variations between every mannequin. Nonetheless, the letter and quantity naming system helps arrange the varied fashions in line with their attributes.

Most of the good automotive names are already trademarked 

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Moreover, luxurious automakers are operating out of fine names for automobiles. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Susan Broniardzyk, a advertising and marketing professor on the College of Texas, stated, “Most typical phrases are already trademarked, and so automotive firms would wish to resort to fictitious names (Kodak), add or change a letter (Lyft). 

Additionally, Cadillac, which has distinctive names for a few of its fashions, such because the Escalade SUV, has resorted to utilizing alphanumeric names in recent times. This consists of utilizing the “CT” designation for its sedans, such because the CT4, and the “XT” designation for SUVs, such because the XT5.

David Caldwell, a Normal Motors spokesperson, indicated that a part of the explanation for this naming system is that the automaker is “operating out of prestigious-sounding names.” He stated, “We want extra names.”

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