Max Verstappen wins the Hungarian Grand Prix: F1 – because it occurred | Formulation One

The gap starts to narrow, but the Red Bull comes home in the rain. The world champion can ease it home, ahead of Lewis Hamilton, and with George Russell making it another Mercedes 2-3. Sainz comes in fourth, Perez fifth, and Leclerc, painfully in sixth. Norris was seventh, Alonso eighth, Ocon ninth and Vettel, the old man who is actually younger than Hamilton, in tenth.

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65/70 Hamilton gets past at turn one, and now Verstappen is in his sights. The gap is 11 seconds. Can it be bridged?

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62/70 The Mercedes shows the greater grip, and has half the straight left by the time he whips past.

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52/70 Leclerc holds off the Mercedes into turn two, and they stay close, Russell being held off by defensive moves. Hamilton pits, and drops into fifth, and Verstappen is now in the lead.

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45/70 Why Leclerc went on hard tyres is a mystery. Verstappen goes past him again, on the inside, using the superior traction.

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42/70 Verstappen loses it, and Lelclerc comes past! The Red Bull slides in the chicane, and Leclerc overtakes him, and goes back into third. Russell takes advantage to surge past Perez. It’s all happening. Redemption for Ferrari?

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41/70 Another Ferrari goof? Verstappen’s medium tyres overtake Leclerc in the hard-tyres.

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31/70 Finally, the door opens, and Leclerc breaches Russell’s defences, going round the other side to before, and the Ferrari is ahead. Great driving from the both of them. Russell’s job now is to hold off Sainz and Verstappen.

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28/70 Russell opens the door, and Leclerc seems to get through, but great defensive work from Russell closes the door again. That showed off Russell’s talent. Not this time.

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1/70 Away we go. Russell gets off to a good start, and holding off Leclerc and Sainz are on his tail. He stays in the lead, and someone’s gone off the track. Verstappen moves up the field, too. Pierre Gasly drags from the pit lane, and there’s a virtual safety as Alex Albon hit Lance Stroll. Russell held Sainz off with a very defensive move, and now he must defend further.

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Sacked Formula One race director Michael Masi has said he received death threats following the decision that cost Lewis Hamilton an eighth world title.


Masi was stood down from the race director’s role after an investigation into his handling of the Abu Dhabi title showdown finale in December. The Australian controversially let lapped cars pass the safety car on the final lap – meaning title rival Max Verstappen had a clear run at Hamilton on much faster tyres.


Verstappen won the one-lap shoot-out, denying Hamilton the crown at the season’s big finale. Masi quit F1 last month to return home to Australia, and has now revealed the scale of abuse he has received.


“There were some really dark days,” Masi told Sydney’s Daily Telegraph. “I felt like I was the most hated man in the world. I got death threats, people saying they were going to come after me and my family. I still remember walking down the street in London a day or two later. I thought I was OK until I started looking over my shoulder.


“I was looking at people wondering if they were going to get me.”

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George Russell in pole, a first for the young Englishman, a triumph of pacing and tyre management. The first of many to come? Very probably, now for how long can he defend himself against the rampant Ferraris and a wounded Red Bull, annoyed by Max Verstappen back in 10th, and looking to speed through the field. Verstappen’s plight can relight this championship with nine races to go – this one is the last one before the summer break. Sergio Perez, third on the grid, has a big job on to keep the field occupied while his team leader tries to come in from way back. And Lewis Hamilton, in seventh, who finished second at Paul Ricard, and to his obvious satisfaction, has a part to play. Mercedes have been a growing factor in what has become a most interesting season.


Lights out at 2pm, join me.


The grid positions


  • 1. George Russell
  • n

  • 2. Carlos Sainz
  • n

  • 3. Charles Leclerc
  • n

  • 4. Lando Norris
  • n

  • 5. Esteban Ocon
  • n

  • 6. Fernando Alonso
  • n

  • 7. Lewis Hamilton
  • n

  • 8. Valtteri Bottas
  • n

  • 9. Daniel Ricciardo
  • n

  • 10. Max Verstappen
  • n

  • 11. Sergio Perez
  • n

  • 12. Guanyu Zhou
  • n

  • 13. Kevin Magnussen
  • n

  • 14. Lance Stroll
  • n

  • 15. Mick Schumacher
  • n

  • 16. Yuki Tsunoda
  • n

  • 17. Alex Albon
  • n

  • 18. Sebastian Vettel
  • n

  • 19. Pierre Gasly
  • n

  • 20. Nicholas Latifi
  • n

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Key occasions

Right here’s Giles Richards’ report from Hungaroring. 9 races of the season to go, as we head into the summer time break.

Driver championship
standings after eleventh race

  • 1. Max Verstappen – 258 factors
  • 2. Charles Leclerc – 178 factors
  • 3. Sergio Perez – 173 factors
  • 4. George Russell – 158 factors
  • 5. Carlos Sainz – 156 factors
  • 6. Lewis Hamilton – 146 factors
  • 7. Lando Norris – 76 factors
  • 8. Esteban Ocon – 58 factors
  • 9. Valtteri Bottas – 46 factors
  • 10. Fernando Alonso – 41 factors
  • 11. Kevin Magnussen – 22 factors
  • 12. Daniel Ricciardo -19 factors
  • 13. Pierre Gasly – 16 factors
  • 14. Sebastian Vettel -16 factors
  • 15. Mick Schumacher – 12 factors
  • 16. Yuki Tsunoda – 11 factors
  • 17. Guanyu Zhou – 5 factors
  • 18. Lance Stroll – 4 factors
  • 19. Alex Albon – 3 factors
  • 20= Nicolas Latifi – 0 factors
  • 20= Nico Hulkenberg – 0 factors

The ultimate positions

  • 1. Max Verstappen (Crimson Bull)
  • 2. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
  • 3. George Russell (Mercedes)
  • 4. Carlos Sainz (Ferrari)
  • 5. Sergio Perez (Crimson Bull)
  • 6. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)
  • 7. Lando Norris (McLaren)
  • 8. Fernando Alonso (Alpine)
  • 9. Esteban Ocon (Alpine)
  • 10. Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin)

George Russell, who began on pole however might end third, speaks: .

When it began spitting in the beginning and we had been on the gentle tyres I believed we had been on, and we had a robust begin it was a great first stint, after which in the direction of the top on the mediums I actually struggled and loosing a little bit of temperate.

Once more, an incredible job by the workforce in pole place yesterday, double podium, we’re positively making progress so actually happy with the work everybody has accomplished.

I’m positive there’s lots I’ll look over and I might have accomplished higher. Managing the tyres clearly we pitted fairly early on each stints so that you’re making an attempt to eat the tyre out to the top, making an attempt to push as onerous as potential on the similar time. A little bit of a difficult place to be in however by no means the much less happy to return away with a podium.

I feel it’s been extremely intense begin to the season I feel a break will do everybody some good.

Second-placed Lewis Hamilton speaks

I used to be positively struggling in the beginning however little by little I bought extra snug with the steadiness. I had a extremely good begin so I need to acknowledge my workforce. We’ve had a troublesome 12 months and for each automobiles to be on the rostrum is an incredible method to enter the break.

The opposite guys have an edge however we’re clearly closing the hole. Hopefully we are able to convey some extra into the second half of the season and begin preventing with them.

I hoped it was going to rain on the finish so I might problem Max [Verstappen] however we ran out of laps. If the DRS had been okay yesterday we’d have been in [a fight] for the win.

Two seconds [places] in a row, I’m actually blissful so an enormous thanks to the followers for all of the superb assist.

The winner Max Verstappen speaks.

I used to be after all hoping I’d get near the rostrum, however it was very tough situations on the market however we had a extremely good technique, we had been actually reactive, at all times pitting on the proper time. I feel we had some good outlaps however even with the 360 (spin) we nonetheless gained the race.

I used to be combating the shifts and the clutch and we needed to change just a few issues round that to mainly not burn the clutch and that costed a little bit of efficiency and in order that caught me out a bit on that nook.

I used to be battling numerous guys and it was numerous enjoyable on the market. It was a loopy race however after all very blissful we gained it.

GAINS & LOSSES ⬆️⬇️@Max33Verstappen has by no means gained from that far again on the grid – his earlier finest was beginning P4 (x4) 💪#HungarianGP #F1

— Formulation 1 (@F1) July 31, 2022


Edwin will get in contact: “I feel Ferrari ought to make use of a strategist. That is getting embarrassing.”

Might be some selection phrases from Charles Leclerc. It was his fault final week, however nothing like his fault this week.

“Who would have believed that once we wakened this morning,” says a jubilant Verstappen. “Up there together with your finest,” says Crimson Bull chief Christian Horner.

“Nice work, lads,” says Lewis Hamilton. “Sorry on the tyres,” says Russell. “Nice job on Lewis.”

Max Verstappen wins the Hungarian Grand Prix!

The hole begins to slender, however the Crimson Bull comes house within the rain. The world champion can ease it house, forward of Lewis Hamilton, and with George Russell making it one other Mercedes 2-3. Sainz is available in fourth, Perez fifth, and Leclerc, painfully in sixth. Norris was seventh, Alonso eighth, Ocon ninth and Vettel, the outdated man who is definitely youthful than Hamilton, in tenth.

Verstappen wins!
Verstappen wins! {Photograph}: Tamás Kovács/EPA

69/70 That digital security automobile has moderately drawn a veil over the racing. A full security automobile may need seen one thing of a reversal of the Abu Dhabi scenario. The inexperienced flag waves, and there’s a pair laps within the moist to return.

68/70 The aforementioned Valtteri Bottas, in his Alfa, comes off the observe, and a yellow flag is waved. A digital security automobile comes on. Selections, choices, on tyres? Will the rain now come?

67/70 The lead is 10/6 seconds for Verstappen on Hamilton. Crimson Bull have been accomplished a favour by the resurgence of the Mercedes automobiles throughout the races.

66/70 Ferrari, mournfully, are in fourth and sixth, and former chief Leclerc is in sixth. Verstappen, who began tenth, seems on target to win.

Hamilton overtakes Russell to take second!

65/70 Hamilton will get previous at flip one, and now Verstappen is in his sights. The hole is 11 seconds. Can or not it’s bridged?

64/70 Russell doesn’t appear prepared to surrender his place, and Valtteri Bottas, the previous Mercedes driver will get in the best way for some time. The race is one for second and third, when it may need been anticipated Hamilton could be supplied the honour.

63/70 Hamilton is quickly bearing down on Russell, and second will quickly be his.

Hamilton overtakes Sainz for third!

62/70 The Mercedes reveals the higher grip, and has half the straight left by the point he whips previous.

Carlos Sainz is about to be passed by Lewis Hamilton.
Carlos Sainz is about to be handed by Lewis Hamilton. {Photograph}: Christian Bruna/EPA

61/70 DRS is imminent between Hamilton and Sainz, as they head to the primary straight on a observe the Briton has gained eight occasions. Sainz is making an attempt to carry the within line.

60/70 Perez in fifth, is between Leclerc and Hamilton, who’s catching the highest three. Sainz is complaining concerning the entrance finish dropping away from him. He’s instructed to remain to the top.

59/70 Spots of rain on the cameras, as Hamilton will get nearer and nearer to Sainz. As soon as he will get there. Russell will probably step apart, as he’s on a special technique.

58/70 One more quickest lap from Hamilton, that is old-school stuff, and the chase is on for Verstappen. It’s all on the Crimson Bull tyres to hold on. They’re 11 laps older than these of the Mercedes.

57/70 Hamilton units one other quickest lap, he’s 1.4 seconds sooner than Sainz. Mercedes heading for 2 automobiles on the rostrum for the second race working.

56/70 Russell is sort of 9 seconds behind Verstappen, and the large race is now Hamilton coming in for Sainz to take third. The warning is of a quick and light-weight bathe.

55/70 Leclerc being referred to as in for a 3rd pit? What was the purpose of these onerous tyres. Leclerc comes into sixth, behind Perez, and with Hamilton on a quickest lap. Ferrari have boxed him in.

54/70 Russell overtakes Leclerc and takes second place. Ferrari’s nightmare continues. Sainz is a minimum of driving higher.

53/70 Russell is struggling to overhaul Leclerc whereas Hamilton is chasing down Sainz, two battles of Mercedes v Ferrari.

Verstappen takes the lead after Hamilton pits

52/70 Leclerc holds off the Mercedes into flip two, they usually keep shut, Russell being held off by defensive strikes. Hamilton pits, and drops into fifth, and Verstappen is now within the lead.

51/70 Mercedes hanging on for a security automobile? That will put Lewis Hamilton in an honest place to win the race. Russell in the meantime is chasing down Leclerc, the Ferrari’s rock-hard tyres persevering with to be an issue. That’s the race for third.

50/70 Stroll goes previous Ricciardo again in midfield. Ricciardo has a five-second penalty regardless of his protestations of innocence earlier than.

49/70 Hamilton is within the lead, and has 5.5 seconds on Verstappen, although a pit to return. Verstappen seems finest positioned to get the win.

Lewis Hamilton leads but it’s unlikely to stay that way.
Lewis Hamilton leads however it’s unlikely to remain that method. {Photograph}: Darko Bandić/AP

48/70 Sainz is available in and it’s one other Ferrari mare, and 4.8 seconds. Sainz comes into the sphere in fifth. Again within the discipline, Ricciardo and Stroll conflict. “I gave him loads of room,” says Ricciardo. That’s the battle for eleventh and twelfth.

47/70 Russell, the previous pole place, is displaying higher pace than Leclerc. Ferrari are telling Leclerc the onerous tyres are the precise selection. Let’s see what he say afterwards.

46/70 Ferrari’s hopes now lie with Sainz having an honest pit, and holding off Verstappen. Hamilton is but to pit for a second time within the Mercedes, too.

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